ViewOverlay in Android

Fourfold animation
<set xmlns:android=""
android:valueType="floatType" />
android:valueType="floatType" />
 val animatorSet = AnimatorInflater.loadAnimator(context,
R.animator.bottom_close_up) as AnimatorSet
animatorSet!!.duration = animationDuration.toLong()
animatorSet!!.interpolator = interpolator
Animating third and fourth squares
No !!!
animation with overlay
Exactly !
  • The bounds of the drawable should be relative to the host view.
  • Any drawable added to the overlay should be removed when it is no longer needed or no longer visible.
  • Adding an already existing Drawable is a no-op.
  • Passing null parameter will result in an IllegalArgumentException being thrown.




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Suneet Agrawal

Suneet Agrawal

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