Swift Range Operators

Range Operator in Swift is a basic operator that is used to operate over a range. There are multiple types of range operators where we can include or exclude the upper range. Or we can start the range with some value or can end before some max value.

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The range operators can be used with for loops, if conditions, switch conditions or even in array iteration. First, let to see a basic example of a range operator.

A basic range operator can be defined with … having a lower range value to the left side and upper range value to the right side of …

//For-in loop
for pos in 0...5 {
//If condition
if (0...5).contains(value){
print("between 0 to 5")
//Switch operator
let value = 5
case 0...5:
print("between 0 to 5")
print("less than 0 or greater than 5")
//Array iteration
let numbers = ["One", "Two", "Three", "Four", "Five"]
for number in numbers[1...3] {

Now that we understood the very basic use cases of the range operators, let’s try to understand its types.

There are 3 types of range operators

  1. Closed Range Operator
  2. Half-Open Range Operator
  3. One-Sided Range Operator

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