Swift Range Operators

This post was originally posted at https://agrawalsuneet.github.io/blogs/swift-range-operators/ and reposted on Medium on 03rd Dec 2021.
//For-in loop
for pos in 0...5 {
//If condition
if (0...5).contains(value){
print("between 0 to 5")
//Switch operator
let value = 5
case 0...5:
print("between 0 to 5")
print("less than 0 or greater than 5")
//Array iteration
let numbers = ["One", "Two", "Three", "Four", "Five"]
for number in numbers[1...3] {

There are 3 types of range operators

  1. Closed Range Operator
  2. Half-Open Range Operator
  3. One-Sided Range Operator

Please continue reading at https://agrawalsuneet.github.io/blogs/swift-range-operators/



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