Kotlin Range Operator

Range Operator in Kotlin is a basic operator that is used to operate over a range. A range can be defined with a start value and an end value with and without inclusion.

The range operators can be used with for loops, if conditions or even in when operator. First, let to see a basic example of a range operator.

A basic range operator can be defined with .. having a lower range value to the left side and upper range value to the right side of ..

Lets try to understand the .. operator and its return type first.

rangeTo() function

.. is an operator overloading to rangeTo() function which is defined in kotlin.ranges package.

rangeTo() function is an extension function to the Template class where the Template class should implement the Comparable interface.
That means we can create a range to any primitive or non primitive data type which implements the Comparable interface.


The rangeTo() function returns a ClosedRange interface object which has a start and an endInclusive variables and contains operator function which is used by the in operator and an isEmpty function.

CharRange, IntRange & LongRange

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