@jesus.moldex Thank you for your message. I’ll answer all your questions one by one.

1. Regarding the conversion of an image to android readable format, If you see the line number 68 and 69 in the above script, we are creating a new Uri object using the path at which our screenshot is saved. The Uri object is readable by the Android and we can attach it to the Intent object we are going to share. You can further read about the Android Uri class here.

2. Regarding isProcessing variable never set to false, we initialized the default value of isProcessing as false, we set it to true before start capturing our screenshot and we set it back to false once the process is done (see line number 84).

Also, regarding the script not working, I cross verified the functionality of this script in different projects, over different versions of unity even and it worked as expected. It would be great if you start a new empty project and try this script and if that works fine, check what are the changes you made in your project. Also, Android Manifest file could be a file in your project that you should look for if you are using your own custom Manifest file.

Hope that helps.
I also replied to the email you sent personally.
Let me know if there is anything I can help further.




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